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About C.J.'s Foods

Basic Information:

Project Name: C.J.'s Food
Official Blog: http://cjsfood.blogspot.ca/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/C.J.Food

C.J.'s Food is an informative website for those who are looking for historic or random facts about food, or for those looking up herbs and spices to put into their dish. C.J.'s Food is also really great place to sharing recipes and to having friendly discussions about everything pertaining to food. We are truly an ever-growing community of food enthusiasts. So if it is just finding a good decent restaurant to sit down and have dinner at, or planning your next meal. Come join us at C.J.'s Food.


Airsoft Sports Team

What's the best way to keep fit? The answer is to always be moving.
 Weather it be working out, walking daily or playing sports.
Its all about having a healthy lifestyle. Right now we are looking for
people to join our Airsoft Sports Team. If you like sports, and having
 a healthy lifestyle, while being apart of an ever growing team that
works together to accomplish and overcome situations to achieve
victory then this is something you got to check out. 

C.J.'s Food and Wolf Corps Airsoft have been working together to
encourage people to get up and moving, while making better
lifestyle choices. If you are interested in doing the
same, just hit the register button at the top right hand corner
to join our team.

Basic Information About Wolf Corps Airsoft:

Name: Wolf Corporation Airsoft
Nickname: WCA Airsoft
Website: http://www.wolfcorps.com/
Facebook: Click here
Email: Admin@wolfcorps.com

Location: We are based out of Edmonton, Ab, Canada.
We are looking for in city members to join our team only.

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